More About The WJ Jasmine Collection: What’s behind the name, Why Jasmine, and More

Rivers Et Roses represents all things yin and yang, balance. So naturally, owner and designer, Adrienne “Katt” Banks would approach her Wj collection with this in mind. We decided to peg her for a few answers behind her WJ Collection Candles.

What’s behind the name?

WJ are the initials of Adrienne’s partners name. He represents the masculine energy of this collection.

Why his name?

WJ was the first person Adrienne shared her ideas of Rivers Et Roses with in 2013.

“I remember moving back to California after staying with my cousin in Texas for a small amount of time. When I returned to the city I hadn’t really reached out to many people. In fact, I was keen on keeping a low profile. I had just cut off all my hair, enrolled in classes, and changed career directions. I was just in this new space spiritually. It didn’t allow me to be around everyone. It was extremely sacred. Well, on the whim, one evening Wj reached out to me to hang out, and it just so happen I was in the area. Surprisingly, saying yes felt like the right thing. I was actually at the Santa Monica Library, which is funny to me because San Mo seems to be our magical location. So anyway, we get together, and on the car ride to our destination we begin catching up. I start telling him about all these things that I’ve come to learn about myself and what I want to do with them. This led me to Rivers and Roses, at the time.” She has since changed the spelling of the name to incorporate her French passions, although still pronounced the same. “Once I begin talking about what is now Rivers Et Roses, Wj’s face lit up! He turned to me, looks me dead in my eyes, and says, “Now that’s passion!” He exclaimed his love for the name, the ideas, and the spirit of what I wanted to embody. If it wasn’t for his initial encouragement and positivity, I probably wouldn’t be this far with the brand.

“This is sort of my way of saying, thank you. My grandmother has this saying, she goes. “Sweetie, give me my flowers while I’m alive.” I guess you can say the WJ collection of candles are like my flowers to him.”

He sounds really special to you?

“He is.”

Why Jasmine for the men?

“Well, Wj’s preferred candle scent is Jasmine. She laughs, The collection inspiration is literally all about him. Plus, when you think about Jasmine, once you get passed the high notes of the fragrance there are some really deep husky and grounding tones that are rather masculine.

What’s your favorite detail about the candle?

“Oh man, there are so many. I guess, I would say… Man this is hard. Well, if we are specifically focusing on the Wj collection and not the whole of the candle, I would say the traveling aspect. It’s so cute and clean. Wj and I are always traveling and we both are suckers for unwinding and peace. So, I think the candle embody’s such a rich quality for those who are always on the go.

When can we expect the Yin Candle?

“I’m not really sure. It’s definitely already created. However, I am working to alter a small detail. I am extremely excited about them. The collection isn’t complete without them. Thankfully, Jasmine has anchored us in a good starting place.

Is the Yin candle inspired by someone significant in your life?  

“Totally, only the most significant person ever!”

Should people be on the lookout?

“Yes! Totally, be on the lookout. More is coming. No one will be disappointed.”


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