Which Celebrity should M.A.C Use in Their Next Viva Glam Campaign

M·A·C Viva Glam lipstick campaigns are largely known by the celebrities they choose to endorse them. Their most recent success was the lucrative partnership with Rihanna, The Bajan princess ranked in the highest sales for the brand since 1994. Toppling all other endorsers.The brand uses 100 percent of the Viva Glam proceeds to go directly to their fund which helps men, women, and children battling HIV/Aids. This cause has been the pulse of the Canadian born cosmetic’s line for over a decade. Popular face and drag Queen, RuPaul is M·A·C Viva Glam original spokesperson. The ideal face for Viva Glam is someone who embodies culture, who is outspoken, influential, provocative, and  reflects a dynamic community. Pamela Anderson, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Lil Kim, Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Eve, Mary J. Blidge, and many others have used their celebrity to support the cause and represent M·A·C Viva Glam.

So who do you think should be next? We’ve composed a list of our wishful contenders, the color we’ll love to see represent them, and a hot lippy name!

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1.Selena Gomez

How cute is Selena, she has gracefully said goodbye to her disney years and taken her musical career  by the horns hasn’t she? We think a rich magenta would magnify that inner heiress she’s beginning to share. Selena knows just how much to share to leave you wanting more.

Color: Magenta Lipstick Name: Matrix  

2.Taylor Swift 

Whoa there, this talented one should have had a M.A.C deal long ago. As miss Swift has been swiping hearts and awards of civilians everywhere for quite sometime. We couldn’t imagine a fan passing up on a Taylor lippy original, Especially if it’s blush Ombre’ .

Color: Blush Ombre’ Lipstick Name: In blindsight

3.Chanel Iman

The formal Victoria’s Secret angel exudes youth and sex for the God’s! The 5″10 DOPE starr is the epitome of free, it’s no wonder she had wings. For this very reason we can’t help but to think we may have chosen the perfect lipstick name!

Color: Classic Nude Lipstick Name: Play


Zendaya is The it fashionista, the renowned princess of the red carpet slayage, one who always delivers. We are definitely thinking something relatable, but with a twist. Not Red, but? ORANGEMore like Coral. We’re not sure if she’s still too “innocent” for the brand, but she definitely has edge and we would support her.

Color: Matte Coral Lipstick Name: Soda Pop

***Jennifer Lopez

Um, Hello, It’s Jenny from the block, if they’ve wanted influence this was a match made in heaven years ago. Good thing J still has it going on and is still a hopeful contender. Sensual, hot, and all around Boss lady bad ass!

Color: Rouge  Lipstick Name: Like that

4. Ariana Grande 

Well this is easy and also unlikely, but hey she’s so stinky cute! Ariana is known for her nubile looks, high ponytail, and at one point her very public relationship to Rapper Big Sean. Something about this girl screams dazzle, diamonds, and demands, LOL!  Sure she’s not very provocative, but she is influential and too darn cute!

 Color: Rose Gold  Lipstick Name: Angel Powder

5. Rita Ora

Unfortunately the edgy poplicious star’s career isn’t as influential as her style. Despite all, her dopeness is rather contagious. We’re giving Rita the blood orange.

Color: Blood Orange  Lipstick Name: After Dawn

6. Janet Jackson

“I’m sorry Miss Jackson ewww,” LOL, this timeless banger will always be America’s favorite. She’s has exemplified sex, grace, struggle, and stardom all in one breath. What an unexpected treat to have her bless us with more music this year. Only you can have us wait and still love you the same Miss Jackson. This lady has no competition.

Color: Cherry Wood  Lipstick Name: Anytime

7. FKA Twigs

Named Vogue’s 2015 Breakout Star, Fka has successfully curated her own path. TrailBlazing her way through the artistic realms. Anyone who can execute Vogue dance moves in a 2015 music video deserves a Lippy! Who saw this girl coming?

Color: Plum wine  Lipstick Name: Subordination

8. Azealia Banks

The Azealia Banks seems to have sky rocketed to the top of controversy this year. Most surrounding social injustice and racial pervasiveness. Rather you agree with her often hypocritical views, she stands the test of times in adversity. Not to mention, the girl has spunk! You have to respect a woman who has a mind and isn’t afraid to use it. Her music isn’t half bad either, effortlessly dope. Get with the 212.

Color: Toffee   Lipstick Name: Houdini

10. Kylie Jenner 

With all the changes her dad is going through we think Kylie definitely represents an unlikely community. Also by the looks of things she seems to be a very influential individual. With the youngest Jenner’s birthday around the corner we only expect the heat dial to go up from here.

Color: Teal   Lipstick Name: Narcotic

Who’s your favorite MAC Line possibility? Which lipstick names would you choose? Did we miss anyone? Who would you like to see represent MAC VIVA GLAM? Leave your comments below!

Don’t forget to stroke your petals ladies!

Katt Banks

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