Top Knots of Instagram

What hair style counts as haute couture, bed head, and unisex? The contagious Top knot, that’s what. The popular hair trend has taken a surprising twist. As of Late, while scrolling down our timelines we couldn’t help but to notice the bun getting more flirty on us. Yes, we didn’t think it was possible either, but according to Instagram all the rage is to knot only a section of your hair, while opting to leave the rest of your coils flowing freely.


Check out La Based Style Consultant Sonique give us a lesson on Knots & Fashion

Guys can do it too, thanks to man buns and beards
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Celebrities are here for it, Smize Iggy, Smize. 
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Braids and Beauty from fashion designer Miss Fiasco 
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Yorkie’s need Knots too
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We can twist it, to add a fashionable twist we encourage adding chops into the mix. A set of nice chop sticks through the bun only amplifies the haute couture and screams style. Tell us what you think!

Top Knots from the Author: ( Yes, I’m so into the trend)

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Katt Banks

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