There is no better time than Now

 to detach yourself from digital devices.

A simple watch added to your daily ensemble will allow you to seize moments in style.


Leave your hands on the table, confidently. 


Side eyes and accusations when checking your phone are a thing of the past. Small and elegant wrist watches are the perfect way to provide your undivided attention, while exuding sophistication. The accessory not only enhances your wardrobe, but as well as your daily productivity.

pretty-michael-kors-chronograph-gold-watch-with-outfit copy

If you’re a woman who constantly uses her hands, these three things are vital in your purchase.

1. Water resistancey

2. Dust resistancey

3. Durability

Stylist Pick : Vivienne Westwood, Tom Ford, Olivia Burton, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade.

Kate Spade

 Remember: Chic arm candy should suggest a minimum amount of effort. Allow your watch to be the center of attention, whilst a small bracelet or two acts as accents to the watches features.

Retailed at 7,100

Cartier Love Bracelet X White Gold

Fashion and Cashual X Stainless Steel

Simple knot bangle

Simple knot bangle

Katt Banks

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