Three Easy Smoothies that'll Make You Reconsider Your Starbucks run

Ready to spice up your mornings with a tasty smoothie alternative? Well, I have just the right options for you.

Faithful Ingredients:

Protein Mix Powder: 2 scoops per serving  (I go between herbal life and a plant based option)

Almond Milk: 1 cup

Ice: 1 cup

Water (I like for water to be the base for every smoothie, adding a half of cup before any other ingredient and if the end product is too thick I add more water create the consistency I like) water is your friend

Other Ingredients vary with smoothie preference

1.Green Smoothie:

Faithful ingredients (refer above)

Spinach or Kale (Spinach has a more inviting taste to me)

1/2 Apple


Matcha mix (What is Matcha and its benefits)

Goji Berris sprinkled on top adds for great texture and appeal (I prefer to have them on the side) (What are Goji Berries?)

Need more sweetness? Add other half of apple

green smoothie2

2. Is it coffee Smoothie:

Faithful Ingredients (refer Above)

Granola (later expand in tummy, helps stay full longer)

1 Banana


Flax seed (Flaxseed Benefits)

Sweet tooth? Try snaking in just  a teaspoon of Agave (yummy)

Whip Cream (Adds the Starbucks affect)

smoothie 1result.png

3. Something Refreshing

Faithful ingredients (Almond Milk should be replaced with Juice listed below)

Mega Antioxidant Juice by Simply Nutritious (Juice Includes: Apple, Carrot, Peach, Lemon juice, grape seed extract, and green tea)

Frozen fruit ( I like  to add Black cherries, but I say get what you like)

Hand full of watermelon chunks


Optional: whip cream, Half an orange, any additional fruit

Just be mindful of sugar  levels, if diabetic I would eliminate some of the additional fruit aside from what is already in juice.

smoothie 3 extra

Important note: If you choose not to use protein powder please use natural alternatives to ensure you get your protein intake. Our bodies are made up of protein and most of us are deficient in the area, so it’s really important that this ingredient is the King Ingredient in your smoothies.


Please Consult with doctor before incorporating daily smoothies 🙂




Katt Banks

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