It’s That Season Again! More Ladies Are Opting For the Seasonal Top Knot Over Flowy Summer Waves

Nothing says sleek, summer, and chic like the very versatile top knot. We know every hair style has its season’s peak, and after a sharp eye through the masses, red carpet’s, and instagram feed, we declare it top knot season! Only our favorite season of the year.

The quick, flip, and twist style is perfect for the hot summer days and beach waves. With the sun scorching up as high as 106′, as reported in neighboring states like Neveda, a modern up-do is for sure every woman’s, and any man with strands, way to go.

The chicest thing about the fun and lifted bun is that it can be totally unpolished and still spell chic. This is particularly great for naturalista’s like myself whose baby hairs will frizz or lift in an instant! Especially from the slightest contact with humidity. So to help negate this, or perhaps distract that hot guy on a ice cream date, just join the masses. Yep, Its time to tie it, twist it, and pin it into place. (P.s. Bobby pins are indeed our friends.) If you are like most beauties who are trying to defeat the heat without completely going bald. (Calm down ladies, this heat too shall pass) A messy bun is definitely your best alternative. It will accept any heat challenge and defiant strands as it’s very own. Afterwards, to only enhance your care free twist.

However, if you are a more polished type, or performaning in perhaps a more corporate setting where neat is more acceptable, don’t feel bad, the sleek bun is still just as chic and popular. Actually, this look is equally versatile as it’s messy sister. Both are perfect for day to night, out doors, or special occasions.

Ladies the key is to have fun creating your style of a bun! Do what works for you, and defeat the heat in style. Cheers to the dependable top knot!

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