A Safe and Natural Mouthwawsh with Modere

This is the year of conscious consuming, ditching all toxins, and learning to make safer and healthier choices. The Modere brand has now become a crucial component in our adjustment to do so. Amongst their extensive line of natural household and lifestyle products, Modere has proudly created the world’s very first EWG (Environmental Working Group) verified oral care line. Modere’s mouth rinse and toothpaste are alcohol free, Fluoride free, and SLS free making it America’s number one choice regarding oral health.

Unlike other brands who borrow the name organic or natural with no real proof, Modere has been applauded on it’s excellent transparency and methods. The business journal ensures,  “With over 30 years of clean label product leadership, Modere’s oral care line is only formulated with safer components.” It’s now EWG VERIFIED mark serves as an unbiased symbol of trust that helps consumers make healthier choices for themselves and their families,” said Ken Cook, co-founder and president of The Environment Working Group.

Modere freshens without fluoride. Instead of using the popular and highly controversial chemical, Modere opts for a less abrasive ingredient like peppermint. Peppermint has high menthol content and anti-microbial effects as well. It’s innovative formula fights against oral diseases without creating a larger one. For instance, fluoride build up. The Modere line has lots to offer in regards to safer and clean products overall, but the mouth rinse and toothpaste is an excellent place to start.

The Market value is 6.99 – 7.99, making it an attractive trade. The days of your mouth burning after a good morning rinse are over. Modere oral care line is not only an appealing on the outside, but imbedded with quality, safety, and care on the inside. Will you be shopping? If so, use my code: 335469 and save 10% Shop Modere Oral Line Now



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