Here's To The Girls who have #Scars: Rosalyn Taylor Celebrates Imperfections over Facebook

Rosalyn Taylor, a current columnist for the Traveler, shares an inspirational post to promote self- love and acceptance amongst women. The former Miss Arkansas pageant winner took to Facebook with what appeared to be another futile Célfie, but in actuality was not. The bare face beauty had a message to share. Roz, courageously unveiled her true self to over 4,000 Facebook Friends.  Posting a makeupless Rosalyn and  brief description which explored her strengths, concerns, and previous insecurities that once funded her capricious relationship with the woman in the mirror. Imperfect skin for a selfie driven generation spells horrid.  Yet, The southern Beauty Queen prevails. Here’s Rosalyn post that generated over 200 likes and counting. 

“So here’s to the girls who have scars and imperfections that they strive to hide everyday. Here’s to being human and honest.”


It seems as if those who aren’t striving to succeed  in the popular circuit are still feeling the pressure of succumbing to Hollywood’s obsession with perfection and denigration concerning women’s beauty. Countless express the continuous anxiety to be anything, but normal. Instead of defying industry demands they go under the knife and in some cases commit suicide.

“Love yourself not in some egocentric, self-serving sense but love yourself the way you would love your friend in the sense of taking care of yourself, nourishing yourself, trying to understand, comfort, and strengthen yourself.”
Frederick Buechner, Telling Secrets

Taylor reminds us that it is okay to miss the standards of the humdrum marginal, the exact one which is incapable to host the intelligence of a Real woman’s “obscured”  beauty. Women are much more than the opinions of those who know nothing about our story.  It’s true, our imperfections are what makes us beautiful and our scars are a great reminder of a time we made it through. #Warriorwounds

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    So, I decided to Google myself this mornin, for some absurd reason, and came across this! It’s a beautiful thing to know that your experiences can help inspire others. It reminds me that I should continue to spread the love.



  • I had no idea you blogged about my post! Thanks for the love! Keep up the inspiration.

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