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You’ve just about completed your first month of the new year! So how’s it going? Are your stars aligning? Goals becoming a lifestyle. Are last year’s lessons bargaining in your favor? Well, we sure hope so, as they are for us here at Rivers et Roses.  What’s new with Rivers et Roses you wonder, everything! Well, maybe not everything, but definitely somethings. We’ve spent a whole year studying and perfecting our craft, with great intentions to intergrate those skills into our brand.

In case you’ve forgotten, Rivers et Roses is a Lifestyle blog. A life style blog anchored in truth, sensuality, and a different way of doing things. Our message is rooted in “flow.” In every sense of it’s connotation. However, to our surprise our vision has expanded and has become more vibrant than what we could have imagined. Taking the time to clearly outline our message over and over again, developing our aesthetics, and sharing our vision with like minded parties, has anchored us right into the soul of Rivers et Roses. What the hell are we trying to say, What do we want to accomplish, How do we want our viewers and customers to feel? Those once vague answers, now as fine as hair on a forearm. Trial and error have been our worst enemies and bestfriends, but as the old adage goes, “What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.” And that is precisely what has happened.

So what can you expect in this new year from us? For starters, more consistency in content, a consistent aesthetic, recognizable and original picture content, and our favorite, our launch of luxury organics. This is a product line designed for women to enjoy style and beauty organically. This however is an inclusive venture, for all that it may appeal to. Another aspect we look forward to is this years collaborations. Introducing other unique designers, journalist, and tastemakers into our mix. We hope this will enhance the flow and connectivity our community. When a woman shares her brilliance, she not only does it for herself, but for a whole community of women. So, we want to graciously thank all of you who have been ever patient and encouraging along our journey. May that karma ring back into your lives and back out again, and back in again, and so forth and so on.

Shalom, Shalom,

Adrienne Simone

Writer and Editor

Creator and Chief


Rivers Et Roses, the Way of the Soul

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