Pinch of Colour — The Waterless Lipstick Every Concious Beauty Must Have

A Pinch of Colour, the lipstick brand that’s making you give your favorite lippies a side eye.

Linda Treska, brand owner and CEO of Pinch of Colour, took a negative childhood defeciency and turned it into a positive business venture. Having experienced water deficiency as a child in her home country, Treska knew what a difference a well or water portable could make to millions around the world. So, to help reverse what goes unnoticed by many, Treska has uniquely combined water conservation with beauty.

By using innovative technology, A Pinch of Colour has become the first lipstick to use absolutely no water in its formula. What makes this lippy even more cutting edge is it’s high quality, smooth application, and color potentancy. So luxurious despite water abstence. Such a combination, makes A Pinch of Colour an equal, or perhaps greater value to other popular cosmetic brands on the market.

Owner Linda Treska of Pinch of Colour on QVC with host and model.

Though, the product is amazing on, and it doesn’t matter if you’re doing the wearing or doing the admiring. It’s the brand’s mission, that makes it standing ovation worthy.

A Pinch of Colour designates a percentage of their net sales to partnering water foundations. The two which the brand speaks most in-depth about are Healing Waters Foundation and Clean Water for Children. Please visit their site to learn more. Here,  Treska covers her empathy for women, while men are away. She laments her thoughts on how women are obliged to endure so much. However, it’s nearly double suffering than the average woman due to the lack of water. This crisis infects her responsibilities to her family and community. Making her livilihood as a woman, mother, wife and/or friend that more difficult and daunting, especially when compared to an average first world woman.

A Pinch of Colour is not only making a difference in the world water conservation efforts as a whole, but they are also supporting specific needs of a specific group. One whom we identify with and support as well. How wonderful is it to know, that women can support their beauty desires, while helping another women support her needs. Will you be giving your old lippy the boot for a more haute and cause giving look? Who knows, but we sure do hope so.

Shop A Pinch of Colour now, and tell us what you think. Shop Pinch of Colour 

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