Organic Designer Cartamebii Releases Indigo Gypsy Collection and We Have All The Details

Cartamebii, one of our favorite organic brands has finally released their Indigo Gypsy Collection! After months of teasing hints of lightly dyed tassels, Cartamebii revealed to it’s followers what they were really up to. At their soft launch held at the Artisanal Los Angeles inside the California Market Place, we would find one of a kind chunky rope accessories we’d never forget. If you’re not familiar with the brand, Cartamebii is a one woman show .Designed and executed by Los Angeles based Designer, Tamara Lipscomb. Cartamebii specializes in all things organic. Lipscomb uses vegetable dye to stain and create one of a kind hues of every color. Not to mention, every piece is hand made and curated with love and ethical sourcing. Although, the brand’s principals never change, the actual product just may. This explains our exuberant excitement for the newly released collection, Indigo Gypsy. Typically specializing in home décor, this time Cartamebii took her fans down a different avenue; Accessory lane. Creating high end multi-functional necklaces that can be worn around the neck, waist, or over the shoulder. We know right! Cartmabii has up its conscious print in the market, and we love it!

Cartamebii and client talk process and what’s to come next

 We were able to catch up with the designer at the show, where the brand stood out amongst hundreds. The California Market Place was packed with talent Saturday, but it was Cartamebii that was praised on it’s original designs and concepts. So, naturally we couldn’t wait to learn more about the journey that would lead Cartamebii to the Indigo Gypsy Collection.
 Continue reading to get in 0n the scoop of budding brands  process, experience, and where you can find them next!
Rivers Et Roses: What inspired you to create these wonderful pieces?
Cartamebii: I’ve always taken a special interest in design and development.  It’s interesting how creating one design can lead you in a completely different direction and you really need to have a open mind.  I tend to be inspired by composition, color and texture. I also tend to gravitate to art that invokes movement and transcends a feeling or mood.  I think that’s what I love about the ombre affect.  The transition of color to no color creates movement.
Rivers Et Roses: How long did it take you to prepare for the big day?
Cartamebii: So it usually takes me a month in total to design, plan and produce enough to fill out a booth.  I start with hand drawn rough sketches of how I would want the layout to look.  Next to those drawing I have random notes of what I might need to create this space of Cartameb II.
I make the pieces I want to sell simultaneously during the booth planning stage, so I can focus my energies on creating the space I’ll love and not be stressed to still make product later.
RR: How did you choose the colors? They are so timely for the upcoming season.
C: I have done these soft pinks, warm browns, and pretty yellows for my previous collection Copper Desert.  So I wanted to go against those hues and get deeper with the indigo blue.  Maybe I wanted to capture the fluidity of water and the grayness of the moon.  It all speaks to me.
RR: What is your process when creating them?
C: The process can vary depending on the fiber and type of plant dye.  They require different heat and binder requirements.
Natural dying can reach up to 15 shades, so each dye session is a journey of unexpected territory!  When I use dyes from beet juice and coffee staining, it is temperature heat driven.  In contrast, indigo dying allows me to work using cold based dye vats.  I also noticed early on the importance of not wasting water.  Especially since there’s so many countries that do not have clean water.  I use the Dip Dye method as water conserving technique. I create smaller dye vats hence using less water.  This helps maximize the water ratio for dying.  I carefully plan where the indigo blue will fall.  The rope is dipped so that the dye lands in special areas on the jewerly.  Since, I’m not dropping a yard of fabric in the vat, the water does not need to be as  deep.  The process to create Cartameb II jewelry can take up to a week for a handcrafted item.
RR: Can we expect more accessories in the future?
C: Oh yes!! I already have new ideas stirring with novelty hardware and new natural dye colorways.  I’m keeping these ideas close to my soul although they are itching to come out!
RR: Were you nervous? What were your emotions before, during, and after? any changes?
C: I was nervous launching a new line.  Well you’re always nervous when you’re embarking upon something new.  I also have insane stage fright and sometimes  feel shy about talking to new people.  I would rather be the quiet artist in the back; and just design/create my life away.  Yet the response from the show was super encouraging.  I learned so much about and from my customers.  I found it to be good experience.
RR: What do you plan to do differently at your next expo?
C: I intend to bring handmade furniture that folds down.  You learn the importance of this function as a entrepreneur  and when you experience more shows.
RR: Did you sale out of inventory?
C: Oh yes!  Cloud Dancer sold out the first day.  Customers loved this soft creamy white item.
Indigo Fortune and Moonlit Sky also sold out.
RR: Any aha moments for you over the weekend?
C: The biggest surprise was the reaction from MEN.  They really embraced the product as gifts for their sisters, wives and mothers.  But super cool the interest for Male Jewelry.  I even had a man reach out to me after the show for a special order in ombre black.  That was an unexpected aha moment!
RR: Can buyers and customers expect to see you next year? If yes or no, where can your followers find you next?
C: There’s some new ventures in the works.  The next events that the jewelry collection will be available at: the Handmade Popup selling unique handcrafted items May 1 -15.  Also at the Mother’s Day Market on May 7 at the Grove, the jewerly line will be available for sale.  

Featuring: Moonlit sky (above), Cloud Dance (below)

Cloud Dancer

Cartamebii Necklace

cloud dancer


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