Musely Hydrogel Face Mask: A Do or Do Not?!

Musely marketplace is home of a the latest green brands, and they just released their very own hydrogel face mask. We had no idea the market place would be hosting their very own brands. When we saw they were giving them away for free, with the exception of shipping, we immediately ordered! Boy, did we love our three packs; especially the Glow Getter.

Hydrogel mask are known for their long lasting adhesive. This makes for the perfect barrier while at the spa. Which is exactly where we gave the first mask, Glow Getter, a shot. Besides frightening guest because of the seemingly ghost like face, we were able to enjoy the mask for 40 minutes, peacefully. Yes, 40 minutes while in the spa, and even on the body scrub table! Once it was time to take it off, the skin was noticeably smoother, plump, and relaxed.

The mask is sure to be a go for any spectators! Download the Musely app today, and get in on the fun!

adrienne banks

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