Lose Weight Faster and Smarter with Hiit

There’s no longer a need to stay in the gym for hours at a time and honestly, who really wants to? Start loosing more weight in half the time with Hiit training. Hiit is short for High Interval Training. When you train with Hiit you basically give it your all, like 100%, in short seconds. For example, You may run in place for 20 seconds then switch to high powered jump squats for 60 seconds, and  so on and so on. About 5 different work outs with appropriate reps usually gets the job done.

Try my Hiit workout below:

3 Rounds –> 60 seconds ea. workout –> 15 seconds Rest

  1. Run in Place
  2. Push ups, girl push ups are welcome
  3. Jump Squats (I Love jump Squats)
  4. Abdominal twist
  5. Floor triceps Deeps

Katt Banks

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