Make Your Money Matter and Burn with a Cause: Rivers Et Roses Candles Partners with Light4life Cause Foundation

Rivers Et Roses has partnered with Light 4 Life Cause foundation to create a culture who is deeply rooted in giving back. Light 4 a Cause is a new innovative candle manufacturing facility designed to provide employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Partnering with Light 4 Life Foundation and Exceptional Children’s Foundation provides us with an opportunity to make a huge difference in our community. This opportunity will also empower our consumers by giving them the opportunity to purchase with a purpose. For every candle purchased 10% is donated to Light 4 Life. This is an amazing opportunity for us here at Rivers Et Roses and our customers to make a conscious effort in our community with ease.

We believe everyone deserves an equal chance at life, despite our differences. Adults who live with disabilities face staggering challenges to find meaningful work, if any at all. Light 4 Life Cause foundation decreases this phenomenon by providing an exceptional program. Every Light 4 Life participant is trained in the art of hand-crafted candle making. They also receive coaching, focused on professional and life skill development by the Light 4 Life staff.  The Light 4 Life Cause foundation enhances the financial security, self- esteem, and independence of individuals living with a disability. It is our pleasure to align our brand with such an amazing cause. Thank you Light 4 Life and Exceptional Children’s Foundation for all that you do!

Purchase with a Purpose, Burn For a Cause

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