Lalogy Organic Skincare Launches Their Yummy #Luvlalogy Campaign

Lalogy skincare line launches their yummy #Luvlalogy campaign and we couldn’t be happier! The ingredients in the brands products are outright delicious, except they’re for your skin, — Yummy! This means bye-bye icky preservatives and names of chemicals you can not pronounce.

Instead, what you have are three practical and packed jars full of goodness for your skin. Three words come to mind when we think of the brands latest staples: Sunkissed, Hangover, Lullaby, and Alert. Those words are, “Where have we been?!” Wait, that was four. What we meant to say was restored, rejuvenated, and fed. Eek!

Photo by Lalogy Team

Lalogy has worked to create formulas that penetrate and correct skin issues using real ingredients for real people. Wow, why hadn’t anyone thought of this sooner? Nevertheless, the #Luvlalogy campaign is to spread brand awareness by sharing with the community at a special rate. (Listed below)

I had the pleasure of trying Sunkissed! (Secretly does happy dance) This cream was created to help fight and prevent aging, wrinkles, and sun damage. Ingredients included things like green tea extract, vitamin E, and vitamin B3. The organic whip left my skin feeling soft and looking dewy. In the beauty world this would be called “the natural glow.”  Quite honestly, after reading the ingredients, I just wanted to eat it!

We highly recommend lalogy for any skin tone, and they have something for every skin type. Oh, did we mention it’s all organic?! Get yours today or perhaps gift one for a friend. Visit their site at Lalogy and save 15% with this code: LUVLALOGY

Will you be joining the campaign?


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