What You Should Know About Your Rivers Et Roses Coco Candle

Rivers Et Roses Coco Candle has redefined luxury. Your coco candle is not your average candle. We’ve curated a special novelty product to set the foundation of what is to be expected from Rivers Et Roses. To start, we chose something that would light the way of our brand’s desire and intentions. Our dual purpose candles were skillfully designed for him, her, and mother earth. Riversetroses coco candles releases a clean consistent burn. Deriving from one of the first sustainable wax alternatives to hit the market. This ethical decision allows the candle to perform in a honest way. Never collecting soot, always exuding fragrance, and it is pure and luxurious enough for skin application.

Organic Coco Wax Candle

Rivers Et Roses Specialty Candle

Our candles were made for function, style, and versatility. Get more for your buck with our coco sustainable candles. Perfectly designed for all your travel and relaxation needs. TSA? No problem. Breaking? No problem. Our tin designs negate all of those thing. With your new coco candle there will always be room for spontaneous romance or unwinding. The small compact and clean aesthetic allows for it to compliment any setting. This may range from back yard casual to business formal. If you hadn’t already considered this,  They also make for perfect specialty gifts; birthdays, promotions, or weddings.

However, yes our candle is wonderful in its on right, but there are some things you should REALLY know about this product:

It is not advised to use on lips, unless you really love jasmine perfume

Try not to leave it in extreme heat, as naturally wax will melt and this may cause covering of the wick. Luckily, Our coco Candles are designed for dual purpose. So, if this happens just use the wax as a body applicator. Using a circular motion with your fingers to remove the coco wax. Continue to do this until wick reappears.

If you are moving in the direction of taking better care of your health and the health of our planet, Rivers et Roses coco candle is the candle purchase for you.

Our print is small.

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