Kanye Should Just Quit Fashion Week, Design Shoes, and Be a Dad

Kanye West’s Yeezy Collection 5 by Adidas just hit the runway for this years New York Fashion Week. The line is due to launch this fall/winter. After a pretty tumultuous 2016 for Kanye, we really didn’t know what to expect. It’s no secret that Kanye finds his inspiration in unexpected places. Although, the part-time rapper skimped out on the Grammy’s earlier this week, he seemed to still have high spirits into his fashion game. Unfortunately for him, we still think Kanye should just quit fashion and enjoy being a dad.

Daddy Yeezus

Daddy Yeezus

Okay, maybe him quitting fashion all together is extreme. I mean his shoe designing is pretty amazing and innovative. Who can deny the lust of his red Octobers, and most recently released Yeezy boots. His clothes on the other hand are just basic, and remixes of what already exist. We know Picasso said, “Good artist copy, Great artist steal,” but dang it, Kanye has taken it too far. With all the fuss he has done about getting some respect in the fashion industry, why is his work mediocre? There is enough room for that on  the web. No need to beg for a seat at the table for that. I mean…

Let’s be honest, Kanye’s fashion line is not about his clothes. At least, not beyond his t-shirts that are easily duplicated, then shared at more affordable prices to the masses. If you don’t believe me, take a stroll in downtown Los Angeles’ Fashion District. There are Yeezy inspired shirts for days. Kanye’s line is not about clothes, it’s about shoes. Now those profits no one can deny. Retailers around the world admit that the exclusive shoe line sales. During the release of Yeezy boots New York Daily News resported the Yeezy 350’s selling out within hours of it’s release. Not only did they sale in the U.S, but as well as in the U.K, Europe, and Canada.

With so much unnecessary demand on the environment as it is, we want to ask Kanye to skip the clothes, stick to the shoes, maybe think about an online e-commerce store, and enjoy being a dad.

Yeezy Collection Fall/Winter ’17

All Yeezy Collection Fall/Winter 2017 Photo rights reserved to Elle.Com.

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