How To Make the Best of Fall in a Personal Way: Accepting Your Harvest with Love

Hey Guys! As many of you are aware only a short week ago we entered that which we may call a new equinox; Fall, autumn, the season of hot cocoa and cuddles.



Though the internet cascaded with behind the scenes footage of new fashion trends from fashion week and our beloved pumpkin patches are finally opening their gates, It is of vital importance to realize fall is much more significant than the mere adjustment to one’s wardrobe and the carving of faces into a fruit, if you may.


How many of you actually paused and thought what does this season mean for me? Although this may come as surprise, but this season has the divine potential to possibly mean everything. The key which entails the cool unwinding vortex to that pivotal game changer you’ve been waiting for! Examining and accepting this change with great attention may reveal the “new beginnings” you are experiencing and could prepare you for what is to come next, but only if you look closely and with divine intent. Listen, if you’ve poured your blood, sweat, tears, and hope into a new project, continued project, idea, relationship, or the smallest bit of change over this past spring/summer, Like the farmers who await their harvest, you too are about to receive the benefits of your hard work.

How To Prepare for Your Crop

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Fast
  3. Be Open
  4. Say Yes to the element of surprise
  5. Say No to distractions even those disguised as opportunity
  6. Make room: Clear away unnecessary clutter (idle thoughts, old and unproductive habits, clutter in the home)
  7. Rest Your body
  8. Get Organized
  9. Practice letting go
  10. Write it down (Before creating your new goals first thank the creator for your harvest. Gratitude yields more blessings)

tumblr_ml00n2taF31rzadffo1_500The good you are about to receive are of no surprise, you deserve them, so expect them and accept them with open hands and a grateful heart.

Katt Banks

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  • Diana says:

    I needed this cuz I didn’t know how to accept what is coming.. Thank You.

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