How to Create the Perfect White Cozy Bedroom

There is very little comparison to that feeling of walking into an airy, open, and soothing space you get to call your bedroom. Spa-like and ethereal, these rooms command relaxation and comfort — as all well-designed bedrooms should. Designing a compelling space with such a limited color palette can be challenging, but our friends here at RiversetRoses has narrowed down a few things one should keep in mind. If you retain this advice through your transition you’ll be on your way to crafting your own heavenly retreat in no time.

If you’re going to go for white, don’t be afraid to really go for it. Sheer white curtains will add to the serenity of the room, and painting other wood elements in the room white and any other textured pieces in the room.

Think about the most comfortable bed you’ve slept in, what comes to mind? Sheets. Finding the right pair of sheets are vital since they come into direct contact with the skin. Directly impacting the quality of our sleep. How else do you think people create the perfect messy bed photo? By actually experiencing exceptional rest. So snag at least 400-500 white count sheet set. A higher thread count doesn’t mean you’re buying a better quality sheet and quality and price are relative.  France and Italy are regarded as some of the best sheet-makers in the business.

White Bed Sheets

Cotton both traps heat and lets cool air pass through in summer, so it’s a great choice for almost any climate.

I hope we’re not boring you with the details. We just really want you your pleasure to go beyond standing space and actually into your nightly dreams. We want to create a space that not only looks good, but that also feels heavenly.

Add texture. Now that Winter is on the way adding in furry blankets, throws and pillows is the perfect way to use natural element to add warmth to the all-white space. Accented pillows are welcomed, soy scented candles, and simple plants to fit the seasons. Create texture, depth and layers with varying shades of white or ivory linens for visual interest (A textured duvet does double duty – adding both the crisp white element and built in texture). Use different materials like fur, sheepskin, seagrass (on the walls), branches in vases, frames, chandeliers, wool and linen with a lot of texture, to create the perfect balance.


Who can resist a vibrant plant? A nice reminder that life is easy, if can just let it be.

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”

Martin Luther

Don’t be afraid to throw in a pop of color. Pillows and throws and sweet desk accessories are a great way to sneak in that dose of color.


Pair neutrals and utilize a variety of similar shades. Grey is a white bedroom’s best friend. So are neutrals; think cream, ivory, beige, and any other whites that set off the bright white. A variety of “white” or “neutral” tones will help highlight the room’s various components and will further create dimension in the space. A lack of color means every element in your design should stand-out somehow, either through its texture, form


Good Luck!


Katt Banks

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