Happy National Best Friend Day: Here’s 10 Ways to Confirm a Best Friend Ship

Let’s face it, we all have that one friend that is just a tad bit more special, (Shhh… not too loud) than our other friends. This has nothing to do with facts, but everything to with chemistry. See, some people get caught in the whole, but I’ve known you longer thing, or even the, I’ve done more for you dispute. Which, should be totally respected and not taken lightly. However, when it comes to describing a best friend, there are a few things that will always solidify a classic “BFF” relationship.

1. They get your crazy– You can be all sides of yourself with this person, and they are completely accepting of this. Maybe a little side eye from time to time, but that’s it.

2. They compliment your mind– When trying to complete a mentally challenging task, they are able to fill in the blank spots. Can’t think of a word to finish a sentence? Not to worry, your best friend will surely have your back with either the exact word you were looking for or something better!

3. They know your family is crazy and still love you– Your best friend is like a silent fly on the wall in your family’s house. Thanks to all the times you had to vent to who felt like the only sane person on the planet, right after family drama. However, a best friend never looks at your family differently. They still show up to family events with a smile. You know, like they don’t know a thing.

4. They can make you laugh when no one else can– You have to give these guys props, they know just what to say to get you going! Especially on a gloomy day. Thanks best friend!

5. They’ve stolen a few stylish items and it’s okay – Okay, we won’t say “stolen.” We’ll say never returned, or borrowed on bff credit. Either way, we know you’re never getting it back and for some odd reason, you don’t too much mind.

6. They’ve made you jealous a time or twoWe’ve all had that moment when a best friend either got in a relationship or started befriending someone new, and suddenly it felt like we were losing a special piece of our soul. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. Close bonds like these will do it to you every time.

7. They Know– Yep, that’s right. They know when you are holding out, feeling down, feeling up, feeling weird, feeling scared, or simply feeling sleepy. They just do.

8. They keep you inspired– If your best friend doesn’t inspire you, than maybe that’s not your best friend? Best friends keep you on your toes about life!  It could be physical, spiritual, intellectual, or financial. Best friend will have something new for you to wrap your head around always. Even if you yourself never do it, it’s the excitement of the thing!

9. They compliment your weaknessesWhere you are weak, they are strong, and vice versa. You two really balance each other out and you know it. This is what makes this dynamic duo feel so special.

10. They are always there when you need them– And then ladies and gentlemen, the term Ride or Die or was born. These crazy people really have your back, even if that means getting a little “weird” to make sure you are safe.

So, we can all agree best friends are special. It doesn’t matter if it’s your grad school friend of 9 years, husband of 5, or sister since birth. What matter is the way they make you feel inside. If their is someone you consider your best friend, today is the day to make them feel extra special. It’s National best friend day, and they deserve it!

adrienne banks

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