From Fashion Intern to Lead Stylist: 10 helpful tips for making the most of an Internship Opportunity


Like most hopeful twenty odd year olds, I needed to get my foot in the door and I needed to do it fast. After relentless prayers and applications I was lead to the parking lot of Barnes and Nobles for what I thought would be a night of coffee, but in actuality it would be nothing short of the revealing of my next chapter in life. That which involved JustFab studios. It wasn’t until  unknowingly parking my car in perfect  adjacency from JustFab, I remember like it was yesterday, and reclining my seat in a rather tightly knit Mini Cooper, wondering if I had mad one of the biggest mistakes If my life. Sitting puzzled in guilt as I rationalized over the stone hard fact that I  had just quit, my then, new job only after three days of working.  Not to mention I was hired on the spot and had declared this excitement with not just close friends, but as well as ALL of Facebook, declaring it to be a blessing! Truthfully, I was indeed grateful and happy about the employment, but I just remember feeling out of place once I actual begin and especially after talking to a nineteen year old employee at the time. Here I was 21, working retail, again. I just didn’t like the sound of it. I truly felt I had paid my dues to the retail life in high school. Excitement soon changed to anxiety. What am I doing here? I wanted more, I wanted what was next.


After noticing the JustFab headquarters, something told me to go research the place. Sure enough, it was a shoe start up at the time with heavy a board of heavy hitters: Rachel Zoe, Kim Kardashian, and  Kimora Lee Simmons to name a few. The company is now a Billion dollar corporation working now with names like Kate Hudson and other A listers in Hollywood.

Of course, I applied. There were many open positions at the time, but the styling intern is what stood out most to me. So, I Applied, and a month or two later there I was interning!

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After joining the team I soon realized it expanded beyond that glamour embedded name. It operated on the pulse of feminine power, with women holding many prominent positions. There was no denying that I would be bestowed with much inspiration and opportunity if I played my cards right. In one years time I was able to grow from intern to lead stylist. Which in LA, in such a field is almost unheard of.

So here are the Top 10 vices I swear by

  1. Treat your internship as if you are already an employee. How else will they be able to see you as a fit or not for the team?
  2. If it is a non-paid internship, do not hassle the employee for compensation. Remember the experience you gain WILL pay off.
  3. Always remember the big picture, you want a job, hopefully within the company, so Never sit down, unless it’s a sit down job.
  4. Arrive early, when I would do this I would sometimes beat my boss to work, not intentionally, however that allowed me time to connect with the producer who would always be the first one there.
  5. Don’t get involved in drama. Never talk about other employees. No matter who’s trying to pull you in, remain neutral and unbothered.
  6. Try not to get sucked into any work cliques, because you’re not “in” just yet. And you can’t be to certain of the connotation that circle brings. Don’t solicit yourself to an unknown reputation. You are who you hang around.
  7. Say yes, stay late, and with a smile.
  8. Pay attention, remember what you’ve learned, and try to ask too many questions.
  9. wirk hard enough to where you are seen as an ample asset, yet corrective enough to where you don’t feel like a threat. Don’t be a know it all.
  10. Always keep the job the man thing. Never divulge too much of your personal life and if you do, keep light, not serious. (I.e talk about your dog, your mom coming to visit, or changing your hair. No bf drama, nothing related to finances.)

There’s beauty in being an intern, you get to see what you’re getting yourself into before you’re already into it, if you get what I mean. It’s kind of like dating!

Good luck,




Katt Banks

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