Three Young, Dope, and Highly Influential Women That Will Remind You Age Does Not Define Success

“Women who didn’t wait for the world to come to them but rather went after the world. Women who refused to be furniture in someone else’s house. These were the women who saved me from myself, who made me want to grow up, and into, the fullest expression of who I could be.”

Growing up I’ve always had this weird idea that it’s possible to gain success before the age of thirty.  Always admiring those women who demanded respect and had an opinion. Women who acquired the necessary force to execute an idea and who were extremely interesting in their own right. The only conflict was that they were all usually above the age of thirty or approaching it like a flying vehicle with no brakes right before a red light. And that was where my autonomous dreaming and reality collided. I wanted to be young and successful, God willing, spending the rest of my days with my kiddo’s and family wiggling our toes in South of France. So, where on earth were the young female entrepreneurs and go-getters? Why did every twenty year old need to be young and dumb?

Well, we’ve hand selected three women who defy the stereotype gracefully. They will remind you age and success is not equivalent, but irrelevant, and had we discovered them sooner maybe we too would be a little more revolutionized, lol.  We welcome you Vashtie, New York Designer, Tavi, Chief editor and blogger, and Jasmine, youngest judge ever appointed.

Three Young, Dope, and Highly Influential Women That Will Remind Your Age Does Not Define Success


Vashtie, also known as the “Downtown Sweetheart of New York,”crosses creative barriers and erases the notion that you can not succeed with many talents. The New York brains and beauty is the glue between the underground art world and the highly desired mainstream arena. Talented Vashtie is described to be a visionary director, brand owner, designer, model, party producer, and creative force. You can confirm this with the fact that at age 28, Vashtie was the first female to design a shoe for Jordan. Vashtie Kola x Air Jordan 2 “Lavender.” 

Her most recent venture was a creative collaboration with Puma X Violet. Violet is Vashtie’s clothing brand and for what it’s worth she is the ex-girlfriend of Pharrell, who might we add, did not curate her success, as she was a college graduate and creative before their union.

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Tavi Gevinson, Chicago raised heart throb, is an American writer, magazine editor, actress, and singer.  She came to public attention at the age of 12, due to her fashion blog Style Rookie. By the age of 15, she had shifted her focus to pop culture and feminist discussion. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of the online Rookie Magazine, aimed primarily at teenage girls. In both 2011 and 2012, she appeared on the Forbes 30 Under 30 in Media list. In 2014, she was named one of “The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014” by Time magazine. This is right from the trusting mouth of Wikipedia, but it is very well true.

To keep up with the newly big chop beauty check out her intagram


Charleston Graduate, Jasmine Twitty, makes this headlines as she was appointed Judge earlier the week in South Carolina at only 25.

According to, Jasmine Twitty — has long been recognized for her dedication to developing young people into professionals. In the midst of the #Blacklivesmatter movement Twitty seems to have risen at the perfect time. Solidifying her commitment to justice and change. Among her many accomplishments, Twitty is also the treasurer of the Urban League of the Upstate. Her new found success is a positive indicator for the future of America and what success can look like.

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