Boy Friend Jeans and Flannels X Why She Love's Them


Is it just me or do women across the world love to snuggle in their hunny’s clothing? Honestly, I find there to be no hotter way for a woman to feel comfortable and sexy, then when she does sporting men’s wear.

It’s just something about the freedom and courage that laces her femininity when inside those masculine threads. She even seems to beam of love and security as if really embedded in his arms. His arm’s being that of a lover or an internal strength occasionally tapped into by the lady. The sight is quite alluring. Oversized T-shirts, jumbo hoodies, and baggy pants give way to mystery. You see her curves fill a pocket here, a boob impression there, but thats about it. It leaves the mind to wonder what she may actually consist of beneath the strong exterior. So, while the lady is gifted with comfort, on-lookers are given a bit of mystic. When’s the last time you’ve been intrigued by what you didn’t see rather than what you did?

His Jeans, Her Body”

boyfriend jeans lee

We chose to focus on the more vintage boyfriend jean since the 70’s & 80’s trend are upon us; High waisted everything.


Keep it Simple

It’s easy to overthink an outfit, but the perks of the boyfriend look is there is little to no thinking involved. No.1 rule in fashion “Less is More.” esp when in his clothing.


Why this look?

“Well darling, let’s just say if you can dress sexy and a pair of heels are optional, run for it. Not to mention it’s probably one of the most cost efficient ensembles to create.”


How to achieve the Boyfriend look:

1. Messy hair


This ranges from: Big curls, loose waves, or a fresh wash and go. You don’t want to over think it. Men are all about ease and efficiency. Essentially that is the look you are embracing.

2. Over-sized everything

Your T-shirt should hang loosely. Your flannel should be a man’s fit. It can be near your size since the cut will be different anyway. I personally like to leave a few of the top buttons undone for the feminine appeal. (Petite girls may want to pair a larger top with shorts or a baby tee with the baggy pants to avoid being swallowed by too much fabric.)

3.The Perfect Bottom

Choose Pants that are big, yet appealing. One thing a woman wants is to always have a nice butt, in any jeans. Love your “seat.”

lose fit with flap

For a night’s perk, try mixing his shirt with a pair of boxers. So hot, someone’s going to melt!

Remember the Boyfriend look is fun and free, So have fun. There is not one way to execute a perfect bf look. It’s all about how you rock it!

Katt Banks

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