Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Our NEW Recycling Program and What It Means to Buyers

We’re reducing our carbon foot print by now accepting used candle tins for recycling. This however, can be tricky. Why, because the candle tin must be in excellent condition to apply. Help us, help you, and the earth, by keeping your tins in tip top condition, in order for recycle use. Rivers Et Roses looks to become a more conscious company with every opportunity. So this is really exciting for our team! Not quite sure why we didn’t think of this sooner! So what are you waiting for?! Save big when you participate! Remember  conditions do apply.

How it works?

Purchase a candle, enjoy it, use it all up, then return the tin to us. On your next purchase save 50% off. However, if you return three whole cans, you will be eligible for one free candle!


Tin must be in excellent shape. This means top and lid included, and no dints or scratches.

Where to ship?

Our Mailbox:

Rivers Et Roses

369 S. Doheny dr #154

Beverly Hills, Ca 90211

How to Save?

Once your order is received, we’all send you your one time usable code.

Start saving today, by saving your tins!

Are Your Candles Relasing Toxins in Your Home?

Did you know most store-bought candles are petroleum-based? Even big name candles like Yankee Candle are made from paraffin, a petroleum by-product. By you breathing petroleum, it can cause serious demage. Especially, to the nervous system. Effects includes headache, nausea, and dizziness and respiratory irritation. Very high exposure can even cause coma and death. Whoah!

So, here’s the problem with burning paraffin based candles in your home: when it burns, it releases 11 documented toxins, according to the American Lung Association, including 2 known carcinogens (cancer-causers). These toxins are the same as those found in diesel fumes. And plus, all the other harmful effects mentioned above.

How our candles are different

Rivers Et Roses only makes coconut based candles. Coconut wax currently gives the best burn on the market, and it also provides for a really slow burn.

Why you should chose our candles

Not only will your respiratory sysytem thank you, but your skin will love u. Our candles are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and dual purpose. This makes them pure enough for both internal (breathing) and external use. Our coconut candles are perfect massages and skin moisturizer.