Amber Rose Releases New Sunglasses In Weho and We're There for It

Amber Rose releases her new Bash Collection Sunglasses on  Thursday, August 27, at The Kitson Store in Los Angeles. The 31 year old socialite and designer appeared hand and hand with good friend Blac Chyna that evening. The two were sure to make a grand entrance per Muva’s way.


The Philly princess and best friend arrived at the Kitson store around five that evening in a custom matte pink Ferrari and surprisingly, Amber drove herself, while Blac accompanied her with all the positive energy she needed via shotgun. Following the two were a slew of Amber’s hot and trendy entourage. Though, Amber’s assistant and stylist, Isaiah Joseph and Benji, may have been the hottest. The the two ladies chauffeured the mother’s of Amber and Blac, Dorothy Rose and Chalana Hunter, in Amber’s hot pink G Wagon to the event.

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Fans lined the store awaiting the Muva’s arrival for the big release and ET news was there to capture the excitement. Amber originally announced plans to launch her first eyewear line back in 2009 during her Kanye era.Well it’s 2015, post Kanye and now ex- husband, Wiz Khalifa; and the sultry self-proclaimed milf kept good on her word. There is only one man to thank for the inspiration and that is Sebastian, her first born and only son with estranged hubby, a.k.a baby Bash,  hence the designers choice in name.


Congrats Amber, the release comes just months before her highly anticipated #Slutwalk which will be held on October 3, in Los Angeles. Amber is definitely making waves her way. Continuously being a voice for women who refuse to define themselves by men standards,  while simultaneously encouraging acceptance of the LGBT community. We hope to see every woman in a pair Bash glasses as they attend the slutwalk, now wouldn’t that be a way to make a statement?

These haters can’t see us.

When RetR asked what what her inspiration: Here’s what the Philly Princess said,

“I tried looking for shades like these and could never find them, so I decided to make my own.”

Well,  of course she did because that’s what bosses do? If you can’t find a way, you make one.

Visit the Muva’s website to shop her new Bash Collection

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