Alexander Wang gearing to leave Balenciaga

Alexander Wang, American Designer, 31 prepares to fleet his short lived seat at Balenciaga. After only working for the major brand for three years–Wang prepares to present his last show at this year’s upcoming spring collection for Balenciaga. Rumors went rampant last week that the young designer had plans to work more closely with H&M, but with no confirmation from his PR team or the other style houses, the news left hearers skeptical.

“Sometimes you just have to have faith in your own ideas. If you don’t someone else will. Why should it be them and not you? The only difference is who is willing to take a chance.”
Jennifer Ritchie Payette

Well last Friday confirmation was delivered. Wang is indeed due to leave the progressive high end brand to embark upon his own eponymous brand. Reporters have described Wang’s parting as “Sad” and “Too Soon,” well we wholeheartedly disagree and apparently so does Wang. We give the ballsy designer a cool two thumbs up! He’s exactly what the world needs and is an accurate depiction of this decade’s culture of entrepreneurs. “His eponymous brand is on the crest of a wave, and no doubt he truly is happy to part ways with the French house in order to take it “to its next level of growth.”” Wang declared last Friday. This past weekend, he opened his first store in Europe, choosing to plant his roots in London first, exclaiming that the support in the Mayfair region has always been thriving and consistent.“It was our biggest European market,” says Wang.


We wish the ambitious designer well, This isn’t his first ride at the rodeo. When someone decides to drop out of the top schools pertaining to their career– Which he did at age 19, leaving Parson’s in New York to embrace other opportunities, and still reach undisputable success, there is very little room for doubt.  Wang is Wang with or without a big name backing. Sure Balenciaga afforded him with tons of opportunity, most he may have never seen without the likes of Balenciaga, but Wang’s talent belongs to Wang. It is Innate and God given. We all have a destiny we must fulfill and we command Mister Alexander Wang for staying true to his.

“There is a time to learn and there is a time to teach, There is a time to follow and there is a time to lead”

Alexander Wang will be celebrating his 10 year Alexander Wang anniversary at this New York’s upcoming fashion show.


Katt Banks

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