Rivers et Roses

Pronounced /Rivers’and’ RŌzes/

A french inspired eco-luxury brand made in the USA

Rivers et Roses specializes in travel efficiency, eco-luxury, and environmental safety. All of our products are 100% environmental considerate. Our goal is to provide our customers with products that meet both their aesthetic and ethic standard. Creating a culture around flow and balance. May you never have to sacrifice your well-being due to controllable circumstance. Rivers et Roses is committed to helping take the edge off.

Our Candles

Rivers et Roses embodies the Yin and Yang meaning — Balance & harmony. All candle fragrances are designed around balance. For each masculine fragrance, there is a feminine one. This rootedness makes for a candle equally beneficial and enjoyable for him and her. Our husky and sweet fragrances are not limited to sex, but to the personal preference and need of each customer. All of our candles are 100% coconut oil based, and infused with high quality pure essential oils. Each Rivers et Roses candle is designed both for burning and physical enjoyment. We pride ourselves on the multifunction use of our candles. Each fragrance combination is custom designed by the founder, Adrienne Simone. Then after optimal satisfaction, they are replicated and hand poured by professionals for a special cause. Each designed and ready for travel.

The External Use

Our candles can be used as a body moisturizer, a luxurious massage oil, or aromatherapy healing. We consciously blend oils together that will create a healing effect, inspire creativity, encourage desire, or do all three. As if these qualities weren’t alluring enough, with our organic cotton wicks, our candles are guaranteed to burn slowly with little to no soot.

The Plus of Using Coconut

In addition to Coconut’s great and beneficial use on the skin. It’s oil also contributes to the slow burn of candle. Also, unlike it’s popular competitor’s, soy wax and beeswax, coconut’s are sustainable and safe. Soy wax has recently alarmed environmentally-minded groups like the WWF concerning deforestation associated with the burgeoning soy demand. Also, there have been added concerns of the unhealthy amounts of pesticides and fertilizers used to grow soy beans en masse — and the contamination of drinking water that occurs as a result. As far as beeswax is concerned, with the ongoing colony collapsing disorder, it’s best we leave the bees alone.

So why Coconut? 

Coconuts are the only sustainable wax on the market. They are high yield and crop renewal per acre. Coconut oil is obtained via natural process. As mentioned above, they burn slowly and cleanly, and because of this the scent throws extremely well. Unfortunately, coconut wax have been overlooked by the industry at large due to its price point. It is generally more expensive than other waxes per pound. However, we know that the greatest wealth is health. So, an extra dollar invested in our wax is a dollar well spent for us and our customer.

We are committed to the way we define luxury, one product at a time.


Who’s Pouring Your Candles?

Your candles are first poured and designed by curator and founder, Adrienne Simone. Then we work in partnership with Light For Cause Foundation to curate the entire batch.

Who’s is Light For Cause?

Light for a cause is sister to Exceptional Children’s Foundation. The non-profit organization has dedicated more than 10 years to enriching the special needs youth of Los Angeles. However, Light for a Cause is geared to adults living with disabilities. The foundation spends time training, teaching, and preparing the individuals for the workforce. Working with other organizations and cooperations who seeks to include these adults and to treat them as the humans they are. Rivers et Roses is apart of this change we speak of. By doing so, we help provide these adults with normal lives, responsibility, and stable income. Each purchase goes towards the healthy livelihood of these individuals.

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 “An organic candle designed for your health, relaxation, and efficiency.”

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 Meet your designer, Adrienne Simone, and learn more about the brands beginning. 

Rivers et Roses began in 2013 as a simple health, fashion, and travel journal.  It wasn’t until Founder and Creator, Adrienne Simone begin actively pursuing her writing career as a fashion columnist and stylist that the online journal would shift from casual precedents, to carefully curated and professional articles. This undeniable passion for writing and creating, combined with her selfless hobbies, such as: community work, charity involvements, and numerous donations towards aids specifically for women, would be the seed of Rivers et Roses.

Though the idea of the brand was sown,  it wasn’t until her trip to varies locations in  France that her vision would manifest. It’s spirit would be so rich and vibrant that Adrienne would pursue its calling without reserve . The commitment would occur in such a way, which would require her to possess astronomical faith and room for flow. Flow, a word she commonly uses to describe the essence and soul of the brand.

“Some people know exactly what they want to do as an entrepreneur. I instead, knew exactly what I didn’t. I knew more of what I wanted to feel, and what I wanted others to feel. I especially knew how I wanted to improve the way we do business in America.  In concerns of what I wanted for the brand, Rivers et Roses would show me what I needed to do and continues to show me each day. I instead, just have the luxury of being responsible for it’s nourishment. I am the spokesperson and housekeeper, so to speak. I’m however not that the master. The unfolding of this brand has been a divine experience. It’s so exciting! I look forward to our future.”

This commitment to live and act in such a way which repeatedly healed her and subsequently those around her, would  be all the approval she needed. Soon, unveiling her proclamation and unwavering devotion to the brand. All doubt, if any, had been dispelled and far removed.

Background Highlights

Creative Writer Major, Fashion Design Minor

Former Editorial and Commercial Stylist

Former Jazz and Ballet dancer

Former Model and Actress

Poetry Enthusiast

Foodie (Vegan & Vegetarian enthusiast) — Duck and Lamb choice of meat

Tea, travel, and extreme peace fanatic

Spiritual geek

After seven years of seeking healing, rest, and wholeness, following the passing of her father and two uncles, Adrienne would begin a search for life’s deeper meaning. This would engage much traveling and isolation. Finally, she would feel restored during her time in France. It was there where the lifestyle she had dreamed of became tangible. Not just tangible, but the normal and the standard. Being fabulous, well-groomed, dignified, and completely authentic was taught and expected. She would become fond and admire the old modest culture. It would be in these parts that she observed how families and friends would still sit at dinner for hours purely enjoying one another. Sharing food, wine, and big burst of laughter. Where working hard did not mean risking your well-being or health. It meant living a balanced life. Where quality products and it’s pronounceable ingredients were sold and demanded. Places like Paris, The South of France, Monaco, and especially Grassee would give her the awakenings and exposure she needed to properly nourish Rivers et Roses. She felt the European culture as a whole had an undeniable grasp on chic, ethics, ethos, and cultural values.

Soon, these fresh and zesty post about her journey aboard and fashion sense would land her a blogger recognition award by the WordPress community, a nomination for leadership in the Los Angeles Community by Center Link LlC, and a brand new internship with Just Fab Inc. However, it would be the later that propelled her career into design.  Soon, she would expand her resume’ by working with other brands under the mother brand, such as Fabletics and FabKids. This would cause her to shed her intern title. Soon, being hired on as an assistant stylist. Then later, promoted to lead stylist during the remaining of her time with the company.  Nevertheless, the time would soon come where she would need to apply all that she had learned. Both spiritual and professional.  

To begin this process she left the successful ecomm brand and became a student of fashion design. She began her education with fabrics, sketches, and sewing at Santa Monica Sewing Arts Center and  LATTC in downtown, Los Angeles. Curating her first line of clothing after her life changing experience in France. Except it wouldn’t be until  February of 2017 that she would actively embrace the eco-luxury market. Adrienne would chose the eco-lux dual purpose traveling candle to  set the foundation of the brand, and of what is to come.

“I hope our candles lights the way though new beginnings. May you find a light and sense of comfort no matter where you are in the world. However, if you find yourself in darkness may yourself know you possess the light.”

At Rivers et Roses we pride ourselves on community, availability, and responsibility. We are available for any creed, race, religion, gender, or age. We take our creative and entrepreneurial responsibilities seriously. Manufacturing products that satisfy our customer, while also being kind to our environment.

Our mission is to restore organic flow in the luxuries of life. We create products that are considerate to our health and our natural environment. We are always striving to be fiercely in touch with our customer needs. Our revolving question is, “What does she need to help move her closer to a more pure and powerful  version of self.” You are always on our mind.