I Am Not My Hair: 8 Signs You're Ready for the Big Chop

So you’ve been talking to yourself in the mirror again, complaining to your girlfriends about your “sudden” heat damage, and nearly never wear your real hair anymore. I would even guess you’ve been through a million youtube channels which follows someone’s natural hair journey, right? If this sounds even the slightest bit true, you’re not alone. You’re simply treading that thin line of the natural hair phenomena. According to an article published by Madame Noir, “The hair-care company, Design Essentials, started a study in 2010 to measure the popularity of natural hair. While the number of women who ditched relaxed hair was 26 percent in 2010, it has jumped up big time with a 10 percent increase hitting 36 percent for 2011. Now we can only imagine what those numbers have reached now, three years later. According to USA Today and Mintel, a consumer spending and market research firm, relaxer kit sales have also dropped by nearly 17 percent since 2006.”  “Natural hair has been a movement for several years. What we’re seeing now is a confirmation that this is a lifestyle that is very important to a lot of women,” says Cyntelia Abrams, a marketing coordinator for Design Essentials. So ladies your temptation is nothing more than an on going natural hair revolution. Of course there is always the transitioning option(i.e., gradually growing out your perm) instead of the big chop. That preference solely depends on the woman, but if our opinion matters we say go for the BIG Chop! Cut it all off because then will you be able to truly experience the Euphoric feeling many women discuss along their journey.

Though this is probably quite inspiring,  most women don’t just arrive at the big Chop. They are met with signs.

Eight Signs you are Ready for the BIG CHOP:

anna diop

Actress/Model Anna Diop

1. You are always complaining about your real hair– A lot of people tend to reminisce on the way their hair “use to be.” They are always comparing the state of their hair now to the past. Huge sign it’s time to let the past go and start anew.

2. You’re hair is dry, brittle, and suffers from breakage– So many years of heat damage and chemicals your hair just doesn’t seem like it can revive itself. Unfortunately, it’s sort of kind of dead.

3. You admire women who have done the transition or Big Chop. You’re curious about their journey. You ask a lot of questions.

4. Getting a perm no longer sounds appealing to you. After learning the effects of the creamy Crack it’s hard for you to continue the routine.

5. You wear extensions, braids, wigs, etc more than your real hair and not for protective reasons.

6. You’ve been youtubing and googling natural hair journeys. Taking the time to research an idea is a pretty good sign you’re about to possibly embark on something new.

7. You’re fed up with something, largely society and itch for freedom. You just want to be you!

8. You’re Afraid– Fear is a great indicator and a chance to arise to a conscious challenge occurring in the spirit.

I personally did the BC last year, January 2014, and I can testify to the spiritual elevation that took place. My best girlfriend comforted me on the phone while I wined and joked about just cutting it all off. She said two words, “Do It.” Before I knew it the little black noodle strands toppled from every which direction, and there my real hair was, tied inside like a bed of bad lies. Once the weave had been detached from the little hair that was left, I stood in complete awe as tears begin to fall from my eyes. For the first time, I felt free from society impositions of beauty, liberated, and beautiful. No where to hide, but in my truth.

So from one girlfriend to another “DO IT.” You owe it to yourself to grow in your truth to reveal and cultivate your definition of beauty.

Good Luck


Katt Banks

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  • kpfeelfotos says:

    Great read! I’m making the big chop today!

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